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  7 BookCrossing 461 - 3464492! -

  7A Places, Seen from Here -

  8 MIGRAINE REMEDY - Remedio Migrañas -


  And a few Articles for your attention

  10 For a Better World -

  11 How the massive abuse of our world works. How to fix it -

  12 Extinction? or . . . -

  13 Read exactly WHO is really overheating our planet -

  14 Alchemy, or how to make GOLD! -

  15 Blood and Guts - Ours or theirs? -

  16 Way, Way Beyond Chutzpah -

  17 Who Needs Enemies? -

  18 Have you a Radio or TV?

  19 'She's Got Dan's Cap'.

  20 Who stays? Who goes?

  21 Of Good and Evil

  22 Talk and 'Law'? - Time for Justice

  23 Help find the lost recipe for TCO - Tidier than bloodshed

  24 Who the hell do they think they are? - Martial Law, please!

  25 The joys of importing: matters arising therefrom

  26 For Heaven's sake, whose world is this?

  27 Name the criminals - and stop them.

  28 Most of the world's problems start and stop here, with the bug.

  29 A hymn to coin, real history, crude and brutal

  30 The modern problem in the context of reality

  31 More of what you never suspect about migraine, asthma and . . .

  32 On the passing of an old and faithful friend - R.I.P.

  33 I had a . . . Was it a dream?

  34 The question of . . . 'forbidden questions'

  35 Reader, these are Secrets

  36 Bats in the belfry? Reader, you'd be surprised

  37 Sub-prime wha . . .? What crisis?

  38 Worth the war? For whom??

  39 WHICH type of 'ocracy' should prevail?

  40 Theism or -

  41 Permit you to do WHAT? - Permission denied! -

  42 Witness the act of Milking the Cattle -

  43 People, Arise! - A Call to Act Accordingly -

  44 The Glories of War -

  45 'Leaders', and what to do about them -

  46 This Business Has to Stop Right Now! -

  47 Never Before has our real enemy been so clearly seen -

  48 Chains of Command provide us with Illusory Chains -

  49 On Considering the Prime Use of Paper -

  50 Let's learn a little sense from the birds -

  51 Utopia or civilisation, that is the question.

  52 Because we can no longer trust either party -

  53 In the absence of other initiative -

  54 It Takes Only One or Two - Of What? -

  55 Steps We Might Take - Or Ought To -

  56 Some Mysteries are also Beyond Credence -

  57 Disaster? - No, this is our Opportunity -

  58 Just get this as an example of blatant fraud. -

  59 Motes removed while you wait -

  60 Whatever it takes, eh, Hank? -

  61 Folks, what you believe is real is all fiction. What is? Read it! -

  62 Are the Banks Scamming us? - Can ducks swim? -

  63 Kings and Presidents - Rascals all -

  64 T.H.E.M. -

  65 Controlled Collapse of Private Zoo? -

  66 Madness and Miracles in Central France -

  67 Mr.Obama, perhaps you are not old enough -

  68 To Register a Car -

  69 A Simple Thought or Two (on absolutes) -

  70 A Plain Man’s Guide to Tax and Taxation and Other Fictions -

  71 Today there is Want of Frankness -

  72 Education is due for a Change -

  73 Memo to the servants' Hall -

  74 Seen While out Walking -

  75 Well then, Why Wait? -

  76 Why it is better to have the 'Flu -

  77 A Plain Man's Universe - No Maths -

  78 The Weather Forecast -

  79 Size Matters -

  80 Pay -

  81 Why Money . . . . . . . ? -

  82 In the Interest of Harmony -

  83 Most precious? They lied to you. It's ink -

  84 Common sense - But guess to whom it leads -

  85 The 'who' and 'why' of those who exercise pesticide -

  86 The 'how' of the banking racket -

  87 Most of our problems are caused by Habit -

  88 We have to learn to Question and Disobey -

  89 Was it for this that clay grew tall? -

  90 A pro and con or two of modern warfare -

  91 I sent a letter to the President -

  92 Appreciation of the international scum -

  93 Whether we should exercise 'trust' -

  94 A small thought on Libya -

  95 Grand Prix. Listen. Watch. Learn -

  96 The Fraud that is Finance - In a Nutshell -

  97 Arithmetic and its Comebacks -

  98 Another Nutshell -

  99 Now, come ON! - The alternative is dire -

  100 The eye-opener of near-death experience -

  101 Where were you before you were born? -

  102 A lay ignoramus seeks answers -

  103 A Brief Second Bite at the Cherry -

  104 Simple Subject - Same Universe, Different Viewpoint -

  105 Take Heart -

  106 Straight -

  107 Another Shot -

  108 A Different Perspective -

  109 The Reason Why -

  110 Guess What THIS Is About -

  111 The Activity of God -

  112 For What It's Worth -

  113 Universe and All That -

  Watch this space . . .

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Como reconocer, entender y adoptar el perfecto lenguaje inglés en unas pocas horas - como diversión. Mírelo y pruébelo. Lea, reconozca y aprenda sobre muchas cosas, pero en inglés (126 páginas). Seguramente nunca ha tenido una educación como ésta previamente, ni tan rápida. Le costará solo Euros 4.50 - ¿para inglés perfecto? - ¡exacto!

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or, for those who have forgotten their Gallego,
by Beatrix Potter

This is education par excellence for little children. - No computer games showing how to kick people's heads off or devastate planets. - This is the world which has always been here, and was considered real and normal until the 'international businessmen' captured our world to give us and our children a foretaste of purgatory, and so many others a passport to hell.

Here little children read or hear of everyday things of our natural world - in their own language: in this case, duly authorised and authenticated Gallego - and see them illustrated naturally by a superb artist with an eye for reality at its most real and enchanting rather than most perverted and cruel. The book is shown here because it belongs in such august company, being literature of superlative quality for infants, loved by them in all thirty two languages in which it is published worldwide. All children should have the benefit of this superior form of education via this literature.

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PLUS!! - ¡¡MÁS!! -


by Ephraim J. Leitner

A very funny and perceptive book of devastating vision and revelation (and 332 pages), elegantly told and mindful of your survival and that of your kind, rather than your extinction, which just a few others intend and are quite likely to accomplish. For reasons which will become apparent, it seems a few of that predatory breed, working together against the unsuspecting rest, are all it takes.

"... for how long we have needed the revelation of his devastating conclusion...this greatest, most shameful crime in human history ... required reading for all economists, and for all of us with families ... a book of all books." - Justice International

The revelation of the most atrocious and most secret crime in human history. You will never even hear of it otherwise. Read it and become aware so that you, too, can appreciate what is really being done to us and our world. - You think you know? - I bet you most certainly do not. Then witness it as it happens, all around you, all over the world, every day. - Five billion people exterminated just since the war? You don't believe it? You should, you know; you might be next. See what a few plan for your extermination and that of your family. You will believe it after you have read THIS book. You may or may not like it - you should, despite its detestable subject most of it is deliciously told - but you and your family need the information it contains more than that in any book you have ever read, and you may well agree 'any' book, after you have read it.

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Did you never read this super account of the World Championship with a difference?
Then - FREE, this time - simply click here
What a Turn-up! in .pdf with illustration (or here What a Turn-up! in .pdf without illustration), to see whether you get the same kick out of this World Championship as I do. What a turn-up! eh? - a lovely account in superb low London English - No time now? Then bookmark this site and look another time. You won't find it elsewhere. To download in .pdf, wait for it to arrive, then 'save' it.
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In Association with


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To receive the BookCrossing FREE e-book click its number below, wait for it to arrive, then 'save' it -

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Click here and forget migraine - Free information and advice on how to avoid migraine - In English, Español, Français und Deutsch.

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CORRECT ENGLISH IS SIMPLE - INGLÉS CORRECTO ES SIMPLE - Download its essentials free - Baja sus esenciales aquí gratis - here

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Do you want a much better world? Who doesn't? - Click Much better.

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The single major problem in the world. How to fix it - Click Prescription

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Extinction?  or . . .

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Read exactly WHO is overheating our planet     Click   R.

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Revealed at last, the secrets of Alchemy     Click   GOLD GOLD GOLD

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Blood and Guts - Ours or theirs? . . . Where to start? - Start Here.

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Now this is going too far! This is Way, Way Beyond Chutzpah

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With vermin like these as leaders, Who Needs Enemies?

back to index

Take a bleak, hard look at the mass media. Have you a Radio or TV?

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She's got Dan's Cap'? Then what's sauce for the goose . . .

back to index

The Rothschild-Bilderberger faction want most of us off the planet - Oh?

back to index

The difference has been strategically blurred of late, so a glance at Good and Evil

back to index

Decades of talk and 'Law' result in the present evil world mess. Time for Justice

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Please help find the lost recipe for TCO - It's so much tidier than bloodshed.

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Who the hell do these vermin think they are? - Martial Law, please

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Matters arising from importing; thoughts on those who profit just by being there

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For Heaven's sake, whose world is this?

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Identify these criminals in our midst - and stop them. Well, why not?

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Do you want to end most of the world's problems? Who doesn't? - So start with The Bug's legs? No, start with the bug

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The brief real history they don't teach you, A Hymn to Coin crude and brutal.

back to index

The modern problem in the context of Reality

back to index

Some more of what you don't know about Migraine, asthma and . . .

back to index

A once-faithful companion, sadly missed, R.I.P.

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I had a . . . Was it a DREAM

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There should be no Forbidden Questions

back to index

A small matter of trust, which is Secret

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Reader, learn a little from the Bats

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The sub-prime and world financial Crisis

back to index

Worth the war? For whom?

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Which type of 'ocracy'

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Theism or . . . No mysteries - simple stuff.

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Permit you to do WHAT? - Absolutely NOT

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Just watch them Milking the Cattle

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Just look what they are doing to our world! - People, Arise

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Innocent Reader, if you dare, delight in the Glories of War.

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Consider 'our leaders'. Need them? Do we need destruction?

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This Business has to stop right here and now!

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Never Before and Never Again. Never Never Never

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Chains of Command Provide us with only Illusory Chains

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On considering the principal use of Paper

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Let's learn some sense from the birds

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Utopia or civilisation, that is the question. - And the answer . . . ?

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Since we can no longer trust either party

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In the absence of other Initiative

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It takes only One or Two

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Steps we might take - or ought to

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Some mysteries are beyond credence

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Rather than a financial disaster, this is our splendid Opportunity

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Just get this! as an example of blatant fraud.

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Motes removed while you wait. And not only motes -

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Whatever it takes, eh, Hank? For what result?

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Folks, its all fiction! - What a relief to know, eh, in this time of collapsing finance and plunging markets!

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Are the banks scamming us? Can ducks swim?

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Kings and Presidents - Rascals all. But Hereafter?

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A brief look at reality, at us and at T.H.E.M.

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Worrisome update on conditions at private Zoo

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Madness and Miracles in Central France

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Mr.Obama, perhaps you are not old enough

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To Register a Car

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A glance at very basic Comparative Realities

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A brief look at Tax, Taxation and other Fictions

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In the world today there is A Want of Frankness

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Education is due for a Change

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Memo to the servants' hall

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While out Walking

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Why wait?

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Why it is better to have 'Flu

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Let's take another quiet look at Universe

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And now, the Weather Forecast

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When it comes to a sense of proportion you will find that Size Matters

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A brief look at expectations in Pay and their consequences

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An explanation of 'Why Money', particularly for those younger than forty, who probably otherwise won't have a clue

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In the Interest of Harmony.

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The most precious thing in the world? They lied to you. It's ink.

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All very obvious? Of course, but see where it leads, to whom, and what this inevitably means has to be done.

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The 'who' and 'how' and 'why' of those who exercise pesticide.

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The 'how' of the ridiculous criminal Banking racket.

back to index

Most problems in the world are caused by Habit.

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We have to learn to Question and Disobey.

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Was it for this that clay grew tall?.

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A pro and con or two of modern warfare.

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I sent a Letter to the President. I received this reply -

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In Appreciation of the International Scum.

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Do you really think we should any longer exercise Trust?

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A Small Thought on Libya.

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How 'they' do it to us. Listen to the Grand Prix and learn.

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The Fraud that is Finance - In a Nutshell.

Arithmetic and its Comebacks.

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The fraud of world finance in one minute.

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Now, come ON! - The alternative is dire.

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Near-death experience is a real eye-opener.

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Where were you before you were born? - And . . . curious?

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A lay ignoramus seeks answers to a simple question of Lightshift.

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A Brief Second Bite at the Cherry.

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Same Universe, Different Viewpoint - Simple.

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How to take the commercialism out of Christmas - So take heart.

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Let's just get This Straight, shall we?

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Let's take Another Shot at this.

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Having been invited to publish for peer review, in all innocence I prepared this trivial paper, only to find that 'the publishers' intended to charge hundreds of non-returnable USD for the exercise of their - er, 'vocation'. However, waste not, want not. So here you can have the joy of cutting about A Different Perspective, free, gratis and for nothing. None of you is exempt; after all, aren't we all peers and in proof every day of our lives don't we naturally have to exercise the prerogative of our eminence each and every two or three hours.

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The reason Why living creatures do not recognise reality

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Guess What THIS Is About.

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The Activity of God.

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For What It's Worth.

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Universe and All That.

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