Original: Reader, you don't honestly think any 'publisher' would let this through, do you? This describes world finance and is secret information. However, it was posted as 'a comment', received much admiration for its penetrating information, was copied and appeared elsewhere, and now is the most-read text.

World Finance - and WHO exactly is causing planetary overheating

You think your Bank of England is British? No, it belongs to me.

The Bank of Spain is Spanish? You’re wrong, it is mine. All your ‘national’ banks are mine.

But surely, the Federal Reserve? – Wrong again, it is mine. I established all these by bribing your presidents and kings. How?

I routinely give each of them loan guarantees, controlled by banking instructions, so allowing them to borrow, without risk to me, the cheapest currency in the world – say, twenty thousand million dollars-worth of yen at zero percent interest. Your leaders bring that currency to me, and I, from my tax-free Trusts which hold ninety percent of all the money in the world, exchange it for their local currency, for which I can even charge them a percentage or two if I want. They then put that two-percent money in their local treasury, which pays them, say, seven percent. The difference gives them each a thousand million dollars worth of their local currency – per year, so they join the elect, the 'illuminati'. So, on any pretext naturally I have permission and support to install your ‘Central’ bank and print your currency and control its supply. Because this then also benefits them further, too.

I can also lend out the yen at five percent and even make a profit on the cost of letting these dupes have their cheap local currency.

So what did all those guarantees cost me? – Nothing. They are just pieces of paper. But now all your populations are mine. - Neat?

So now I print your national currency, which is also just paper. I lend this paper to your banks at, say, five percent of the inky figures on each paper note. And I also apply a retention of, say, ten percent on the total. Why? Because I want to, and do they want the paper or not? Of course they do, otherwise they have nothing to lend. And they'll have to charge higher interest to compensate for my extraction of the ten percent. That is the real act of inflation by the way, for the information of 'economists'. But their fault, of course, never mine. And, good as gold, they all pay interest according to the numbers written on the paper notes, just as we have trained them for five thousand years. Easy money, eh?

In an old racket all their own they call 'fractional reserve lending', the banks now invent nine times more of this paper junk - usually it's just ink - and lend it at their higher rate of interest to employers, who have their employees work to manufacture goods or perform services by which they can profit. Because both employers and employees work for 'the money', they think it has value, but in reality it is still just paper or even only ink. But they have to use it to pay for the food and water and other commodities which I and my dealers have acquired by leverage with the paper loot in the Trusts, so in their dim minds the fictional ‘value’ of the paper assumes a spurious ‘worth’. It’s with this fictional ‘value’ that we corrupt your always-venal politicians to let us work against you.

And if they don't have the money? Then they'll lend you what doesn't exist. They'll lend you the lie of their inky figures just the same - safer for them than honest forgery - and charge you interest on that, for which you have to do real work. - You might remember that next time the bank forecloses and takes your house? Well, sure, you might first remember who pays the judges' pensions too.

Mind about the banks' fractional reserve lending swindle? Who, me? Why should I? - It'll all come back to me anyway. You watch.

So now I lend your countries vast sums from the Trusts - They're just notional figures really. You say you don’t need or want it? Who cares about that? Listen, you don’t live to please yourselves; you live to work to serve me, and don’t you forget it! Your leaders have to accept these country-loans, otherwise I will expose them and you will hang them all. And anyway they’ll have a further percentage of what is lent, so are they going to refuse that? And it will not be they who will be repaying it all; their loot is safe for growth in our tax-free Trusts, just as I paid your legislators to allow. No, repaying will be for you unthinking idiots.

So now you all have to work to pay taxes of all kinds, VAT, death duties and all. Why? I just told you: to repay the paper I have lent your countries at interest. Your taxes are paid to your Central Banks, which are all mine, and by fractional reserve lending I lend back to you – at interest, naturally - ten times the amount I receive, for which I simply print more paper. Suppose I lend at ten percent, then I make a hundred percent on what I receive. This I also lend to your countries for their social services, less my retentions and interest of course, and to you public for your mortgages and necessary purchases and for any unnecessary junk we can persuade you to want via our advertising and so on. - Fraud? Embezzlement? - If you do it, sure. When I do it, traditional genius, and you don't know enough to complain. You idiot public really are just my money-mill. And though the interest on all this plentiful money may be low enough to start with, on a cyclical basis I raise the interest rate and restrict the money supply until you can no longer pay my interest, and so I regularly foreclose on your mortgages and bankrupt you and take all your real properties. Sure, there’s a whole boatload more fun and profit in that.

And because I have bribed all your leaders, it’s easy to manufacture wars for yet more profit from our production of arms for both sides, which puts the victors ever deeper in my debt and lays the vanquished countries at my disposal – for my strategic reasons, which are none of your damned business. And wars are handy for limiting population, aren’t they?

Just now, you won't have noticed, we thought it time to put into effect our long-awaited real heist, which rakes in, two or three times over, all the money you use in the world. How? Simple. We just get all you cattle to borrow, then change the interest rate, but have already bundled your debts and leveraged them four or five times until the debt is multiplied exponentially into a really massive amount, a few times what really exists, bribed your authenticators to rate it as AAA and sold it to all your idiot banks. Result? Either all your banks go to the wall, or our treasuries print and print to make up the amount that doesn't exist, which makes inflation all you idiots have to work and work to pay interest on and make up for generations on into the future. Well, those of you that we let survive. Our Monsanto 'Round-Up' - and patented plants that are the only ones that can resist it - will soon round down your populations to manageable numbers, as we think there are too many of you here anyway, eating and not doing anything in particular to help Our Economy. - King-size fun, that.

Sure, seventy or eighty percent of the work done is unnecessary, but you all have to work for more pay, because you have to pay more taxes and pay for housing and food – do you think food grows in the ground? on trees? So you all work just for me, and to enrich my friends who use the loot in my Trusts to acquire your industries. The energy used in all this needless work overheats the planet and the seas rise and the available land surface will be less? - What do I care about that? I already told you, my intention is to eliminate two-thirds of you useless eaters anyway as inessential to My Economy.

Meanwhile each five years I double what I have, so all this generated wealth of work goes on down into the black hole of my ‘Possession’. I use the resulting loot to buy such real things as your bankrupt countries and their land - Yeah, at my prices.

You want to stop me? How, when I have your police via my laws controlling and herding you nicely for me, all your armies fighting my wars, and all your leaders in my pocket or, those who won’t play the game, in the ground via the CIA or my other Agencies?

No, you can do nothing unless you draft honest representatives independent of the political systems that I have created and control, representatives who could dismantle my political structures and abolish the fiction of my finance and all leaders who accept it. But how can you do that when my publishers of your education materials teach you and your children to be illiterate morons, and do your professors want to teach my strategic version of reality or do they prefer to starve? My food and drinks industries keep you fat and passified, and my drugs corporations dumb you down till you can't lift a mental finger. We've flooded your countries with economic migrants, and my social ‘educationalists’ have destroyed all your traditions and separated you from reality with modernism, postmodernism and hiphop and made rubble of your masses’ mentalities. And all your media that my people have bought via leveraging with offers of funds in my tax-exempt Trusts and operate according to my dictates will use some tart's belly-button to keep you tamed and misinformed and pornographed and docile enough to prevent you doing anything until it will be too late.

I've burrowed cities into the rock underground for me and mine to survive in luxury while all the rest of you are wiped out or fall back into the stone-age when the galaxy has its routine attack of the hiccoughs and the planet freezes solid.*

So what do I care if any rat fink spills the beans.** It gives the herd a chance to respect my finesse in their management, which I take as a well-deserved tribute.

So now you cattle, you just bow down before me. My merest servants, complicit in deceitful silence, are the masters of your world from here on in.

My name is Rothschild, by the way. Just so you know.

* - The Weather Forecast

** - STRONG MEAT! - by Ephraim J. Leitner
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